Leaks show BlackBerry working on a rival to Siri, Google Now (video)

Looks like Microsoft isn't the only latecomer scrambling to add a voice-guided assistant to its mobile platform. A leaked test-build of the new BlackBerry firmware (version, if you're curious) is rocking an app called "Intelligent Assistant," but as both N4BB and a ZonaBlackBerry forum poster have noticed, it doesn't quite work yet. The application sports a somewhat familiar circular icon for the primary UI, but, at the moment, it's hard to tell how deep the implementation runs and what its capabilities are. Should this feature actually make it into a future update, it could be the struggling Canadian company's answer to Android's Google Now and iOS' Siri. Let's just hope the beleaguered outfit can come up with a catchier name if and when that happens. Check out the sources and video below for a look at the rest of what the flatter BB 10.3 might offer.