Engadget HD Podcast 394 - 4.16.14

If you can't make it camping this year, perhaps Sir David Attenborough's upcoming wildlife TV project in VR will suffice. And for immersion in something with fewer dimensional dynamics, maybe Sony's lineup of 4K TVs will fit the bill. Yes, it's been a relatively slow week for HD, but Richard and Ben need a breather since Chromecast, Aereo and so many others keep dropping news bombs on a regular basis. Richard's been so busy lately that Must See TV recommendations are at a minimum, but Ben shares an interesting DirecTV ad to keep your eyeballs busy. So, please join us at the streaming links below, as we serve up another entertaining and informative episode of the Engadget HD Podcast.

Hosts: Richard Lawler, Ben Drawbaugh

Producer: Jon Turi

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08:48 - Prime-time TV enjoys its highest ratings since 2007
14:00 - DirecTV's Genie DVR extenders clip the cord with a wireless version
18:38 - Netflix speeds soar on Comcast following controversial deal
21:10 - House of Cards S2 Blu-ray goes on sale June 19th for those who prefer a hard copy
22:28 - Broadcasters' backup plans for thwarting Aereo include live TV streaming
27:17 - Aereo brings live TV to Chromecast on May 29th
29:05 - Chrome beta for Android makes it easy to send web video to Chromecast
29:52 - TiVo update lets you set recording defaults, when it isn't creating chaos
33:27 - Mohu Channels wants to give cord-cutters a unified menu
44:36 - CNNx lets you watch only the news you care about
49:06 - Sir David Attenborough's latest wildlife show is coming to VR headsets
54:49 - Sony has a 4K TV for every budget (that's at least $2,099)

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