Amazon is setting up a US delivery network to ship your orders faster

Amazon isn't waiting for the advent of courier drones to ship your orders faster than usual: the Wall Street Journal reports that the e-commerce giant has been testing its own US delivery network in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Described in job listings as Last Mile, the initiative is meant to outperform established shippers like FedEx and UPS. These companies are increasing costs, can't always meet capacity and are "impeding innovation in delivery services," Amazon says in one job description.

Such efforts aren't completely new for Amazon. The company is already testing its own delivery network in the UK, and went so far as to invest in a local parcel service. Even the US strategy reportedly began years ago. However, the WSJ understands that an American delivery network is now a much higher priority in light of last year's holiday shipping meltdown -- Amazon would rather not have to compensate angry customers time and time again.

It may also try to offer what existing courier services can't. While the firm isn't commenting on its plans, a self-run delivery system would let it deliver orders both on the same day and outside of normal hours. Don't be surprised if it's eventually possible to order from Amazon in the morning and get your goods that evening.