Uber is reportedly launching a family-friendly ridesharing service

Uber's ridesharing service has primarily catered to an adult crowd that rarely needs to bring more than a suitcase, but it may soon offer a solution for those whose kids have to tag along. VentureBeat hears from a source that the company is near launching Uber Family, a premium option for parents. Reportedly, you'd pay a $10 premium to guarantee both a trustworthy (that is, highly rated) driver and a pre-supplied child's car seat. We've reached out to verify the claims, but you may not have long to wait; Uber Family is supposed to be launching in New York "soon."

There should also be good news even if you don't have any young ones to tote around. Job listings have revealed that Uber is near expanding into several significant US cities, including Austin, Kansas City and Las Vegas. Just when they'll be available could vary, although a driver in Bloomington, Indiana understands that a local launch is coming within about a month.

[Image credit: Getty Images]