Foursquare goes Oprah: You're a mayor and you're a mayor

When Foursquare announced plans to split check-ins off into their own app last week, it didn't reveal too many details on how the finer points -- like Mayorships -- would factor in. Well, starting today, those virtual offices are safe until Swarm launches next week. Once the new arm of the location-based outfit rolls out, it will handle those accolades in addition to insights (five weeks in a row at breweries, for example) and allow you to afix stickers to notable check-ins. In what Foursquare is calling Mayorships 2.0, you compete only with your friends to hold office at your favorite coffee shop -- not the fella that sits in the corner all day, every day. Of course, this means that venues can have multiple Mayors, which means you're likely to see fewer faux political-based discounts. Bummer.

Don't worry, badges will remain in the regular Foursquare app too. They'll be used to reward explorers for discovering new places and offering insight. You know, now that the namesake option is going to be focused on local search and reviews. The direct Yelp competitor isn't due to launch until later this summer, so once users leave the for hive, there's a chance they won't look back.