The LG G3 has a keyboard that grows, shrinks and learns

Despite an occasionally groan-inducing press conference in London, there's little denying that LG's new G3 has plenty going for it (personal aside: I've never been more smitten by an LG phone). It's usually the little things that make the biggest difference, though, and the G3's thoughtful Smart Keyboard seems to fall right into that category. Why? Because it pays attention.

The keyboard will slowly shift the way it interprets your touches as it learns how you type, though it won't actually look any different. Do you always type S's when you want A's? The G3 will try to discern your meaning and expand the sensing area for the A key if it "thinks" you're having trouble. That'll sound more than a little familiar if you're a BlackBerry buff: a very similar feature is baked into BlackBerry 10's soft keyboard. You can also manually change the size of the G3's keyboard, too, a real boon for those of us suffering with sausage fingers or bum eyes. You'll only be able to stretch and compress the keyboard so much though -- at their largest (see above), the keys are spacious and plenty accommodating for my gorilla thumbs, and the smallest is well-suited for preserving precious screen real estate. Throw in the ability to change the symbol keys that appear on either side of the spacebar and you've got yourself a pretty flexible way to jot down your innermost ruminations. On some level, it seems a little silly to get worked up over a keyboard (especially when LG has spent the better part of our morning/evening lauding other technical achievements), but it's always nice to see companies shape our user experiences in subtle, smart ways.