LG's G3 is surprisingly repairable for a smartphone

LG's new G3 has some impressive internals, but just how impressive can't be seen until you take the thing apart. That's just what the folks at UBreakIFix did: they got their collective hands on a newly released Korean G3 and couldn't seem to help themselves. Turns out, the G3 is incredibly easy to take apart (and more importantly, repair) as long as you've got a steady hand and just a little gumption. By their count, all that holds LG's finest flagship together are 14 screws that are revealed once you pry a bit of plastic casing off. The rest of the components are fastened to a single large board instead of multiple like in the G2, which UBreakIFix's Justin Wetherill says makes the prospect of fixing a busted G3 less of a headache. They're still doing a deeper dive on what makes this smartphone tick, but for now, here's a peek into its tightly packed innards.