Kickstarter project lets you print eerie 3D x-rays for $99

If your average 3D-printed paperweight isn't morbidly realistic enough, then here's an interesting alternative. It's an object that consists of thin layers of plexiglass, each of which has been printed with regular ink before being stacked in a vacuum chamber and drenched in machine oil. It's a relatively simple process, with no actual 3D manufacture or etching involved, but it offers an unusual degree of control over color and transparency. This makes the technique perfect for biological specimens, and especially ones that benefit from some x-ray detail. A Kickstarter project is currently offering its own choice of "Looking Glass" curiosity for sale (an elephant inside a boa constrictor's belly, inspired by The Little Prince) starting at $39, or you can get your own 3D object file turned into a personalized trinket for $99, with delivery expected in November if the funding target is met. And yes, you can opt for a 3D x-ray of one of your body parts -- in fact, somebody already has -- but it probably helps if you choose a part with bones in it.