Weekends with Engadget: DARPA's mad science projects, Google's 3D-mapping tablet and more!

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Weekends with Engadget: DARPA's mad science projects, Google's 3D-mapping tablet and more!

This week, we dove into the history of DARPA, explored the hand-drawn world of Cuphead, took an in-depth look at Google's 3D-mapping tablet and interviewed two people who managed to cut ties with technology. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last seven days. Oh, and be sure to subscribe to our Flipboard magazine!

What you need to know about DARPA, the Pentagon's mad science division

You probably know DARPA for its fleet of super-powered machines, but this agency's reach extends far beyond military robotics. Read on as Mariella Moon breaks down everything you need to know about one of the Department of Defense's most interesting operations.

Two years to Tango: the race to finish Google's 3D-mapping tablet

Two years. That's exactly how much time Google's ATAP division was given to develop Tango, a first-of-its-kind 3D-mapping tablet. Read on as Brad Molen digs into the project's ambitious start and race toward the finish line.

Cuphead: Bringing 1930s style to 21st century games

Cuphead, you say? At first glance, this upcoming, hand-drawn 2D shooter might appear to be a long-lost game from the 1930s, but it's only meant to look that way.

How to Disappear (almost) Completely: living off the grid

Ditching social media is hard enough, but how about technology itself? In the final installment of How to Disappear, Dan Cooper interviews two people who cut their ties with the modern world and took up meager existences off the grid.

The world's first video game arcade machine is a glittery fiberglass wonder

They may look like Teletubbies, but these colorful contraptions are actually a few of the world's first video arcade machines. Produced in 1971 by the minds behind the Atari, these devices had plenty of glitter and diodes, but weirdly no RAM, processor or ROM.

Music Vault brings 12,000 classic concert clips to YouTube

Music lovers listen up: YouTube is now to home to nearly 2,000 hours of classic concert footage, all thanks to Music Vault. This incredible archive includes 12,000 clips of performances by The Who, Bob Dylan and more.

Hicon Social Bangle is a wearable fashion bungle

It's gaudy. It's awkward. It's the Hicon Social Bangle. Paired with a selection of vibrating charms, this bracelet notifies its wearer of text messages, calls and social network activity -- as long as its Kickstarter campaign is funded, of course.

Samsung NX mini review: a $450 mirrorless cam that fits in your pocket

Samsung's latest mirrorless shooter, the NX mini, is cheap ($450), lightweight and has a flip-up LCD that's perfect for selfies. This camera's compact size makes it extremely pocketable, but those with larger hands be warned -- it has very petite controls.

Sony RX100 III review: a fantastic point-and-shoot, but it'll cost you

Sony's RX100 line of point-and-shoot cameras have always been fantastic. Zach Honig takes a look at the latest camera from Sony, the RX100 III. Does it live up to the reputation of its predecessors? Read his review and find out!

What you need to know about Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the concept of crowdfunding

From potato salads to virtual reality headsets, crowdfunding websites offer something for everyone. But how exactly do they work? Read our explainer and find out.

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