One Shots: Life isn't fair


Today, this boss mob woke up to the harsh realization that life just is not fair. Even with his impressive stature and the rather expensive sword that his grandma gave him for Christmas, he's unable to hold down any full-time job. What's worse is that every would-be "hero" in the world keeps ganging up on him. Even if he emerges victorious, everyone sneers and jeers at him. He just can't win.

So let's meet our first antagonist, reader William, who documented this shameful moment from Final Fantasy XIV. "The new hunts are incredibly fun and have added a lot of variety to the game!" he chirped. "My friends and I recently tackled this S-Rank Hunt, Agrippa the Mighty, along with some additional help from people in the zone. Don't worry; I healed that poor Black Mage lalafell after taking this screenshot."

But did you heal Agrippa and try to make friends with him? That's what would lead to a true storybook ending!

"Either my Dwarf Cleric has had a sudden growth spurt or that is a mini-Stonehenge hidden away in the wilds of RIFT," reader Paul submitted. "Just in case anyone is wondering, it forms part of the achievement 'It Goes to Eleven' and is a homage to Spinal Tap. The cool thing is that it all came about from a conversation that Simon Ffinch and James Nichols had with a player called Sambonz when they both guested on his show."

Two seconds later, a pack of vicious lilliputians swarmed all over the Dwarf to pull her to the ground, slit her throat, and loot her corpse for epics. Hey, that's what you get for being so BIG. You knew it was coming, Dwarfy.

Reader Lindsay didn't have much to say about this picture of her World of Warcraft Troll swimming around in full Darkmoon Faire regalia, but does she really need to? The water, the lights, the fashion... it says it all with looks alone.

Do you ever get to a point in an MMO when you first think, "I am so far from my car right now it's not even funny," and then you think, "If I were actually in this game, I would turn around, march home, and spend the rest of my days in front of a cozy fire instead of trying to surmount this lunacy"? I do all of the time, and the following screenshot is a good example of why.

"Here is a shot of my warden, Eastros, in Lord of the Rings Online taking a look at the last enemy stronghold in Mirkwood," reader Mike wrote. "Look at all those enemies flying around the fort I'm supposed to storm. Why am I here again?"

Go home Mike. There's nothing for you here other than death and really big bird droppings.

Your screenshot challenge of the week is to send in a picture of another player character who looks freaking amazing. Maybe that individual has a full raid set or a goofy ensemble, or maybe you just see him or her standing there coated in the blood of a fallen foe and looking more courageous than you can stand.

Want to be featured in a future edition of One Shots? Send your favorite MMO screenshots to, and don't forget to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of the scene. Large, colorful, UI-free shots that tell a story and really show off the game make for the best images. Look ma, we brought back One Shots!