Digify helps you protect your data by sending self-destructing files

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Digify helps you protect your data by sending self-destructing files

It's understandable if you're nervous about sharing files in this era of widespread surveillance. Can you really trust that a document is safe once it's out of your hands? Digify might just ease your mind now that it has launched Android and iOS apps for sharing self-destructing files. Rather than give people a direct download, the software only allows a peek at a given file for a set amount of time; once the Mission Impossible-style countdown hits zero, the content is gone for good. There are also safeguards against cleverer attempts to steal files. Anything you share is converted to a special format on Digify's servers, for one thing. Recipients can't take screenshots without alerting you (and losing access), and you can revoke access at will if you ever make a mistake.

The service is free to use, and can pluck files from your Dropbox account. If there's a big catch at this stage, it's that desktop support is limited to a Windows beta -- unless you're willing to deal with bugs, you'll have to use your phone. Even so, the service might be vital if you insist on keeping a tight leash on your files.

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