CBS is making shows that you won't see on conventional TV

CBS might not have embraced internet video with open arms in the past, but it's certainly warming up to the concept this year. CEO Les Moonves has revealed that the broadcaster is producing shows for "major streaming companies" (think Amazon, Hulu and Netflix) as well as "other emerging distributors." While the exec isn't dishing out details just yet, he added that CBS will announce its collaborations "shortly."

This isn't a completely novel approach for CBS, which toyed with the prospect of making a Netflix show back in 2012. However, it still means that the company is creating shows that most likely won't air on its own TV channels -- a big step when many rivals are still reluctant to give online services their latest conventional programming, let alone an incentive for people to drop their cable subscriptions. Mind you, it's not hard to see the financial motivations involved. Netflix just recently overtook HBO in revenue, based in part on exclusive shows like House of Cards; while it still has a long way to go on profit, there's now a lot of money on the table for studios that make internet-only hits.

[Image credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]