Sprint family promo lets you share at least 20GB of data for $100 per month

T-Mobile has lately enticed families by giving them a big, 10GB bucket of mobile data at a relatively low $100 rate, but Sprint isn't about to take this competition laying down. Big Yellow has just unveiled a Family Share Pack promotion that lets you split a minimum of 20GB of data (and unlimited voice/text) for a relatively modest $100 per month, plus $15 per line. You're almost certainly getting more than that, too. Sprint throws in another 2GB for every line, so a family of four will have 28GB to play with. If you max out the plan with 10 people, that's a pretty hefty 40GB. You won't get the carrier's signature unlimited data, but this may eliminate worries that Snapchat-happy kids will chew up all your bandwidth.

Of course, there are gotchas that may make it tough to take advantage of this seemingly sweet offer. You'll have to switch to Sprint between August 22nd and September 30th; existing customers (and procrastinators) need not apply. Coverage also remains a sore point, so you'll want to find out if there's a good Sprint LTE signal nearby before moving everyone over. This looks to be a good deal if everything checks out, though, and don't fret if you're only interested in service for yourself -- Sprint hints that it's tweaking individual plans this week.

[Image credit: AFP/Getty Images]