Leave your phone at home without feeling uneasy about it

Finally, there's a device with a spec sheet that'll let you feel good about leaving your other phone elsewhere. Enter the noPhone: a solid brick of plastic that stands in at the size and weight comparable to any of those popular handsets. What's more, the device has a 0-megapixel camera, infinite battery life and is both waterproof and shatterproof. All of that looks good on paper, but the real selling point is how the noPhone's features improve communication. Eye-to-eye contact and conversing with actual spoken words at dinner are on their way back to couples everywhere. That's because you won't be using this slab to text or call someone else, but you can leave it in your pocket to feel like the tether is still intact. No word on a release date or pricing just yet, but you can see the gadget in action on the other side of break.