Beats co-founder returns with ROAM Ropes wireless in-ear headphones

Steven Lamar helped create the now iconic Beats by Dre brand back in 2006, and after a spat over royalties last spring, he's back with headphones of his very own. Touting the best in ergonomics, sound and "Noise Equalization," Lamar's ROAM brand is launching Ropes as its first portable audio offering. As the moniker suggests, the design allows for the earbuds to be worn around your neck when they're not in use. That "Noise Equalization" bit is proprietary tech that claims to deliver "the best sound quality on the market today." Unforunately, I've yet to get my hands on a pair, so I can't confirm or deny that declaration. If the stock tuning does suit your sonic sensibilities though, there's a ROAM EQ app for tweaking via smartphone. The in-ears will arrive in time for your Christmas shopping, and they'll carry a pricey $299 tag in either graphite/black or orange/gray (benefiting Stand Up to Cancer) color options. For comparison sake, that's $100 more wireless units from Jabra (a pulse-tracking model) and Beats, and $140 higher than the sport-themed pair from SMS Audio.