'Rock Band' creator wants to bend your mind with Samsung's Gear VR

You may have tried VR, but have you ever totally, like really got into it, man? Harmonix, the creator of Rock Band and Dance Central wants to crank Samsung's new Gear VR headset to 11 with an app called Harmonix Music VR. Details are sketchy, but the idea is to don the Oculus-powered device and start playing your favorite tunes. From there, the app will analyze the music and create a "high-resolution event sequence that drives the reactive elements in your virtual world." In layman's terms, we think that means it'll generate "trippy visualizations." Harmonix also used the words "vibrant" and "dreamscape," so we're pretty sure it's going after a certain burgeoning market segment. It'll arrive alongside Samsung's Gear VR later this year, with pricing to follow.