Misfit's wearable Flash tracks your moves and sleep habits for $49

Remember the Misfit Shine? It was yet another in a long line of crowdfunded wearables that won some points for its uber-clean looks and its activity tracking skills (not to mention the Klingon instructions on the box). $99 may have been a bit much to ask in exchange for an intelligent coin that lives on your wrist though, which is why the Misfit team just pulled back the curtain on a $49 version called the Misfit Flash. It packs the same sort of functionality as its more expensive brother -- it tracks your sleep motion, steps and tough-to-measure activities like swimming and cycling -- into a body that's a little less rugged than the original.

You've got your choice of seven almost retina-melting colors, but the soft-touch plastic body will only survive dives of up to 30 meters (compared to the 50 meters the Shine could handle). There's still no screen, though, so you'll be either be firing up the iOS or Android companion app or tapping at the thing to see how many of the 12 light-up indicators go off pretty frequently. The plus side? You still won't have to charge the thing -- it runs off a watch cell battery that should keep the show going for six months before it needs replacing.