YouTube throws a lot more money at Originals content partners

Google has gone on record as saying it loves original YouTube content like Epic Rap Battles of History, and now it looks as though the outfit is doubling down on such. How so? Well it seems that its fully-stocked studio spaces for partners are just the beginning. YouTube is investing millions into its partner channels, according to Recode. And it's part of a more concerted push into different types of content, replete with varying lengths and formats, too. That includes partnering with Hollywood producers, according to Recode's sources, which naturally gives Google something to sell. The wording on head of YouTube Originals Alex Carloss' blog post makes it sound like the firm's existing pool of talent will be commissioned to do new shows -- albeit with a heavier infusion of cash than they're used to. It sounds like it could be a solid deal for everyone involved: affording content creators more money for their work and pushing YouTube's hopes of becoming a more TV-like experience another step closer to reality.

[Image credit: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images]