Apple may bring back the Camera Roll to iOS 8

Sometimes it's all about the small things. With the release of iOS 8, Apple waved goodbye to its renowned Camera Roll, the hub where pictures and videos lived in previous versions of the operating system. Instead, the Cupertino company replaced it with a "Recently Added" section -- and let's just say some users weren't too happy about that. Fortunately, if you were one of the people disappointed by this, Apple appears to be having a change of heart. According to the site Product Reviews, which points to release notes of the most recent iOS 8 beta seeded to devs, the Camera Roll is back in its original spot, right where it once belonged. Of course, there's always a chance Apple could decide not to reverse course at the last minute, so don't get too, too excited. We won't know for sure until the next version, likely to be iOS 8.1, gets pushed out to the public; for now, you'll have to make due with what you have on your shiny new iPhones.

Photo by Will Lipman.