Thom Yorke's BitTorrent release had over a million downloads in six days

So, how did Thom Yorke's latest music-distribution venture go? Pretty well, it seems. The Radiohead-frontman's second solo album, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, achieved over a million downloads in six days via BitTorrent Bundle, according to the peer-to-peer network's blog. Exactly how the numbers break down is a bit nebulous, though. BitTorrent says that those million downloads also include the freebie single and video as well as the $6 album, noting to Consequence of Sound that precise sales numbers were being withheld at Yorke's request. Still, it's a little exciting to see that Bundles could be a viable way for musicians to earn a living -- especially when streaming services are well-known for less-than-favorable pay-outs and business practices. Let's just hope this success isn't limited to acts with Yorke's inherent star-power. After all, even Trent Reznor went back to a traditional record label after toying with total independence.

[Image credit: Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP]