Engadget Live L.A. was all about that bass (and some treble)

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Engadget Live L.A. was all about that bass (and some treble)

We've had a great run this year with all our Engadget Live events, taking us to Austin, Seattle, Boston and finally Los Angeles. We packed into the Belasco Theatre in downtown L.A. along with some amazing people and exhibitors -- one who was all about that bass and some...bananas.

G-Project brought all the bass and handed some of its rugged speakers (and those bananas we mentioned earlier) out to lucky attendees. Engadget Live favorite Huawei give away more smartphones. Jaunt showed off the world of Cinematic VR and STEAM Carnival got the locals excited about its upcoming event. To see what else went down, click through the gallery below.

Gallery: Engadget Live Los Angeles - at the Belasco Theatre | 18 Photos

  • T-shirts and beer koozies
  • Control VR
  • Vapshot
  • Huawei
  • Vapshot
  • Jaunt VR
  • G-Project
  • STEAM Carnival
  • STEAM Carnival
  • The show floor!
  • That sh*t is bananas!
  • Tylt
  • Modbot
  • Some dude on stage
  • Beer makes things more fun
  • Tagboard
  • Wait...
  • Hard-working crew

Now that Engadget Live is behind us until next year, we're gearing up for Engadget Expand in New York City on November 7-8. You'll want to get your free tickets and join us if you're in New York City or you can follow along from our site throughout the weekend.

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Also, if the pictures above just weren't enough -- there's more on Flickr, below.

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