Amputees can now control artificial limbs with their minds

Artificial limbs controlled by muscle movement are already a thing, but what if someone developed a way to wire a prosthetic directly into someone's nervous system? That's what a team at Chalmers University have achieved with an implantable prosthetic system that relies entirely upon neural control. Where the existing tech requires surface sensors, this osseointegrated implant is akin to having a USB port wired into your nervous system, offering a much greater level of control. Even better, the device isn't vulnerable to electromagnetic interference from outside sources, enabling the test subject, a lorry driver who lost his arm a decade ago, to use a power drill without worry. The team is already working on treating more patients, and is even researching a way for the limb to send stimulus back to its wearer, enabling them to once again feel the things that they're touching.

[Image Credit: Linda Bränvall and Martin Carlsson / Chalmers University]

[Video Credit: Videos: David Berggren, Simon Dybeck / mkmedia produktion ab]