Smart microwave suggests meals based on your cooking habits

It's not hard to find microwave-friendly recipes, but it's another matter to both find the right recipes and cook them properly. However, SectorQube may just take care of all of those challenges at once if its crowdfunded MAID (Make All Incredible Dishes) smart microwave takes off. The 1.3 cubic foot oven gives you access to a crowdsourced recipe store and will automatically prepare many dishes at the right time and temperature, but its real highlight is a recommendation feature that suggests meals and activities based on your cooking habits and fitness. It may offer a dinner that complements your diet, or suggest a run if you've been indulging in a lot of calorie-rich food. There will be gesture and voice commands if you'd rather not touch the 6-inch screen with sticky fingers, and a smartphone app will let you know when the cooking is done.

MAID won't ship until next October if the funding drive meats its goals, but the pricing is low enough that it might be worth holding out. You can pledge $449 ($369 if you're an early bird) to score an oven of your own; developers wanting to create compatible apps or devices can spring for a $2,000 Developer Edition. While the regular price is considerably higher than what you'd pay for most other similarly-sized microwaves, it could tempt you away from larger, less intelligent alternatives that won't do as much to improve your health.