LG slims smartphone bezels to a virtually non-existent 0.7mm

You might talk about how much you hate large bezels, but LG is actually doing something about it. It just unveiled a 5.3-inch, 1080p LCD display with 0.7mm bezels, less than the width of a credit card. The Korean company said they're the world's narrowest, thanks to "Neo Edge" module processing and "advanced in-cell touch" tech. That's a fancy way of saying that the panel's circuit board and backlight are glued together instead of taped, and that the touch panel is embedded into the LCD module. LG added that the dust- and waterproof display is substantially more durable too -- though we can't help but wonder if replacement parts will be pricier. If that Sharp Aquos Crystal X bezel now seems downright bulky, too bad -- LG's new screen will initially be built for Chinese smartphones only.