Feedback Loop: NFC, 'Evolve' alpha codes and more!

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Feedback Loop: NFC, 'Evolve' alpha codes and more!

Welcome to this week's edition of Feedback Loop. We take a look at the rising popularity of NFC, give out some Evolve alpha codes and discuss things that are missing from our favorite operating systems. Head past the break to find out what fellow Engadget readers are talking about.

Has NFC finally arrived?

Apple Pay introduced a lot of people to the wonderful technology of NFC. However, it's actually been around for a while and there have been some really cool uses for it. Check out what other Engadget readers have been doing with NFC.

Want early access to play Evolve?

Evolve is the latest game from Turtle Rock Studios and features some intense 4 vs. 1 co-op multiplayer action. Do you want to hunt or be hunted? Either way, we're giving you an opportunity to win an alpha access code right here. Good luck!

What's missing from your favorite operating system?

No matter which mobile operating system you prefer, there's bound to be something missing from your favorite OS. Is there a feature you still can't believe is unavailable? Share your thoughts right here.

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