Drift's latest action camera is half the size of its ancestor

Drift Innovation is a seasoned veteran of the action camera world, but there's no question that it's facing a lot of pressure lately; models like the Ghost S are huge next to rivals like the GoPro Hero4. The company's newly launched Stealth 2 camera might just come to the rescue, though. While it captures 1080p video at 30 frames per second instead of 60 like its Ghost S predecessor, it's also just half the size and 40 percent lighter -- rather important when you may be strapping this device to your head. However you use it, the new Stealth should last for a respectable three hours of recording. It also comes with modern conveniences like WiFi remote control and a 300-degree rotatable lens that adapts to difficult shooting positions. This shooter doesn't tout 4K video or other luxuries, but you're also paying $249. That's a solid bargain for a tiny adventure cam that makes relatively few compromises.