One Shots: Snowblind

Water comes in many forms: gas, liquid, squirt gun, and cheaper beverage option to Olive Garden's wine menu. It can also be frozen in a variety of ways, which makes it perfect for an aquatic-themed expansion as seen in our first screenshot for the week.

"Here's a picture from RIFT's expansion, Nightmare Tide," reader Bill sent in. "This is from the glacier area above the main city. The main city is deep underwater and is protected by a blue 'bubble' that extends just above the water line. To reach the upper areas, you use a bouncer (near portals) that shoots you up and into the water."

Caution: Do not look at this screenshot for too long, lest you be robbed of your sight by the blinding glare.

Captain Leandra is in the middle of her own five-year voyage in Star Trek Online, and from the sound of it, she's doing great by avoiding all of the ear worms and temporal paradoxes that she can.

"The space screenshots always get the most attention -- and admittedly they are pretty striking -- but my favorite missions are the ones where I get to go planetside," Leandra writes. "In one mission, my captain and her crew encountered a mysterious portal... did we dare go through?"

According to that picture, you'll be going back in time to one of the moon landings, which will result in your death by lack of a breathable atmosphere. At least it will give the NASA astronaut a start as four corpses come floating out of a portal in front of him.

"Here's my favorite Champions Online toon, Full Metal Angel, arriving in Vibora Bay. Something isn't right about this place!" reader Sean writes.

I agree. It's a little too cel-shaded, if you catch my drift. Probably some animator is just waiting to spring a trap. Beware!

Reader Jon sent in a lot of terrific pictures, but I was drawn to this one for the reason he gave: "I thought this lady was an excellent example of badass female armor that isn't overly sexualized."

Amen, Jon. Great-looking armor can come in a huge variety of designs that don't have to contain inexplicable "kill me here" gaps. It's just a shame that Walmart doesn't have an armor aisle on which to shop.

OK, so let's take a cue from that last submission for our week's screenshot challenge. I want you to send in a picture of your favorite armor set that looks killer without being metallic lingerie!

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