Homemade 'Castlevania' board game looks beautiful and fun to play

If you style yourself as a fan of Castlevania, you have nothing on Reddit user XsimonbelmontX. He's created a board version of Nintendo's classic NES game that looks like a hoot thanks to well-thought-out gameplay and stunning craftsmanship. It features 11 characters with upgradeable weapons, 100 items like special armor and over 100 monster cards. The board layout pays homage to the original version of Castlevania, with players battling together through five levels in order to resurrect (and then re-murder) Dracula himself.

XsimonbelmontX crafted the game using off-the-shelf gameplay items and an inkjet printer, though the board itself (above) was professionally made. Castlevania fans on Reddit are clamoring for their own (with one saying he'd pay up to $80), though it seems pretty unlikely that publisher Konami would ever share the copyright. You can see a large gallery of the cards, dice, board and case right here.

[Image credits: XsimonbelmontX]