​TZOA is a wearable that tells you where to find clean air

Some mornings, you wake up, walk outside and breathe in a hearty lungful of dirty, smog-heavy air. It's almost tasteless, but it can still wreak havoc on your respiratory conditions. What if you could avoid those nasty, unseen pockets of nasty air? That's sort of the idea behind the TZOA, a Kickstarter project that bills itself as the world's first wearable enviro-tracker. The tiny, round tracker has sensors that keep tabs on air quality, UV light, humidity, and temperature -- all of which feed data to a companion smartphone app to quantify the environment around the wearer. The user can then see get a quick look at the quality of the local air and upload the data to create a crowdsourced pollution map of their town.

Naturally, the product is still in the early stages: the team is still working with early prototypes, and is working to test those devices against high-end atmospheric sensors. If everything goes well, the TZOA will be ready to enter production for a (projected) summer 2015 launch. Want to help? Check out the Kickstarter page at the source link below -- a $135 pledge nabs you a TZOA sensor from the project's first production run.