One Shots: Cult worship


Have you ever been running along in an MMO and come screeching to a halt because other players are doing something inexplicably weird? Then perhaps you'd sympathize with reader Tyler in this situation.

"There are times in games -- especially games like The Secret World -- when one stumbles across something they simply can't explain," he submitted. "But nothing I have seen is as surreal as the sight that greeted me when I stepped into Agartha during the recent Halloween event: a circle of Atenists worshipping a girl in a bikini whilst chanting "ATEN! ATEN! ATEN!' I asked around in general. No one had any explanation for what in God's name was happening. It is a mystery for the ages."

There's always an inherent danger in taking a selfie, especially when doing so in a war zone or in any locker room. Reader Duncan found this out to his short-lived horror.

He speaks to us from beyond the grave: "Here is a nice selfie of my WildStar warrior, Tieron Jones, showing off in front of a giant robotic death machine. Ten seconds later Tieron realized that giant robots do not like having people making fun of them or taking their picture, and the robot did its own version of a photobomb on Tieron. Rest in Peace, Tieron Jones. Rest in Peace."

Feel free to light a candle for Tieron in the comments.

RIFT's newest expansion may look like a Caribbean vacation, but it plays out like the uncensored scenes from World's Deadliest Catch. All I know is that if something like this were anywhere in the ocean, I would live on the tallest mountain in the world, forever, until I became a husk of a shell of a former writer. I'd rather to die from the fumes of eagle droppings than let this thing be the last I see.

"Surrounding the waters in the harbor are these tentacled elites," reader Bill submitted, to my horror.

This next one is long, so I'm going to let reader John take it from here!

"I have attached one of my favorite images from Guild Wars 2," he writes. "This image was taken during the Twisted Marionette event in Lornar's Pass. Heroes from all over Tyria banded together to hold back wave after wave of Scarlet's watchwork monstrosities. The air was filled with Elemental and Necromantic magic, as well as the latest in Charr and Asuran combat technology. To Ayo's horror, the abomination screamed right before falling into a heap of slag and broken enchantments.

"If I am fortunate enough to have my submissions chosen for publication, I would like to request a mention of my guild Angels of Destiny [ANGL] on the Tarnished Coast server."

No, John, I cannot allow such blatant callouts in my column. Not now, not ever!

Our screenshot challenge of the week is to head back to your favorite beginner zone and screenshot the heck out of that puppy! What made you love this zone, and how did it get you into the game?

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