The Movo Wave is a stripped-down fitness tracker that costs just $30

These days, there are only two reasons for us to write about fitness trackers: Either they pack an impressive number of sensors, or they're really, really cheap. The Wave, from a new startup called Movo, definitely falls into the latter category. The device itself is unremarkable in every way -- design, functionality -- but it's nonetheless worth a mention, thanks to its super-low price of $30. In setting the price so low, Movo has managed to undercut out already-affordable devices like the Jawbone Up Move and Misfit Flash, both of which sell for $50. We say, considering how disposable fitness trackers are -- how easy they are to set aside and stop wearing -- these price cuts can't come fast enough.

Then again, of course, it's worth asking what you're getting for thirty bucks. The answer is: just the basics. The plastic, water-resistant device tracks steps, distance and calories burned, but it lacks a sleep or even an exercise mode. In other words, it doesn't distinguish between time spent walking and time spent doing something more vigorous, like running. Basically, then, it's clear that the target customer here isn't a serious athlete, or even an athlete at all. No, this is a person who just wants to move a little more.

The app, available for iOS and Android, is also stripped down. Unlike some other fitness applications we've seen, many of which are very graph-based, the Wave app has a calendar layout, where you can map your daily step count against a photo for that day. So, if you walked 20,000 steps while vacationing in Rome, you could add a picture from the trip to remind yourself later on how you managed to rack up so many steps. Didn't take any photos from that day? Just pick one from another day, or don't add one at all; totally up to you. If all of that sounds a bit gimmicky, there is a more traditional graph view as well, where you can see all your metrics, including historical averages.

Both the tracker and the app are available today. Since we haven't tested one yet, you're on your own if you're thinking of snapping one up immediately -- we can't say if you're making a smart purchasing decision. What we do have, though, are a lot of app screenshots, which we've embedded in the gallery above. Enjoy.