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Leaked Samsung app aims to catalog everything you do on your smartphone

Matt Brian, @m4tt

Samsung could become the latest company to jump aboard the lifelogging bandwagon with its new "Life Times" app. Judging by leaked screenshots shared with SamMobile, Samsung wants to automatically log phone and app usage on Galaxy smartphones, cataloging photos, emails, location, music, messages and social network updates, and displaying all of that data in a daily digest. Samsung's Story Album app already offers similar features for photos, based on common details such as location and time, but Life Times appears to function more as a diary app, like Day Journal for Android or Day One on iOS.

It does, however, fly in the face of reports suggesting Samsung is working with Google to scale down its Android customizations and reduce the number of in-house apps. Given the wording used in some of the screenshots, we reserve a healthy amount of skepticism while understanding the app could also be in early development. Samsung has rolled out new apps and services with its new flagship smartphones in the past, leading us to wonder if Life Times, if it is real, could make an appearance with the unveiling of a certain new Galaxy S handset.

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