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Hipstamatic brings its retro filter editing to video with Cinamatic


Hipstamatic was early to the filter-driven photo editing fray, and now it takes aim at Vine with the Cinamatic app. The new offering allows users to long press on the screen to record videos that range up to 15 seconds in length -- just like you've encountered before. Once the footage has been captured, a smattering of retro-inspired presets are available for punching up the vids. Unfortunately, there's no way to delete portions of of the video right now, so you'll have to start fresh when you drop an accidental expletive. Unlike Vine or some other popular apps, there's no built-in feed. Cinamatic means for you to beam clips out to other social avenues for circulation. The price of admission is $1.99 and it comes with five filters to start, with the ability to make those tempting in-app purchases to pad the toolbox.

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