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Engadget Daily: new features in iOS 8, Apple invades the connected home, and more!


Today, we explore Apple's push into the connected home, uncover a few lesser-known iOS 8 features, take a look a net neutrality and go hands-on with ASUS' Llama Mountain reference tablet. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

Here are a few lesser-known new features in iOS 8

Yesterday, Apple unveiled a bunch of new features coming to iOS 8, but many of them didn't make it to the spotlight. Read on as our own Brad Molen uncovers a few of the lesser-known but awesome additions to the mobile OS.

Apple attempts to conquer the connected home

Many companies have tried their hands at home automation and failed to stir things up. Android @ Home ring any bells? With its new HomeKit platform, Apple might have the market power to pull it off, but can it succeed?

Intel's Windows 8.1 Pro Broadwell tablet is thinner than the iPad Air

What you're looking at is Intel's Llama Mountain reference tablet, or Pro Broadwell for short. It's a mouthful for sure, but this slate manages a thinner profile than the iPad Air and has an eight-hour battery life.

Congratulations, internet: you collapsed part of the FCC website with comments

How much does net neutrality matter? Enough that the Federal Communications Commission's website is receiving so many complaint submissions that it's suffering under heavy traffic. Read on for everything you need to know about the open internet.

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