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SteelSeries claims its Sentry Eye Tracker can improve a gamer's focus


While most of us are happy just to avoid Luigi's death stare, how you look at the screen apparently has a big bearing on your gaming prowess. SteelSeries has just launched a new device to give you an edge in that regard, the Sentry Eye Tracker. Created in partnership with Tobii Technology (which previewed the tech at CES 2014 in January), the product uses eye-tracking strictly for coaching, rather than gameplay. It'll track such parameters as "fixations per minute," since apparently the less your eyes flick around, the more information you can process. All of this is obviously aimed at serious gamers -- even SteelSeries admitted on Facebook that it's "probably" a waste of money for the average player. However, SteelSeries and Tobii are developing eye-tracking tech to control gameplay and even use it in social gaming platforms. There's no word yet on price or availability, but unless you scrupulously chart your gaming stats, you probably don't need to be an early adopter.

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