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PS Now beta expands to select Sony TVs on June 30


Next Monday, owners of Sony's most recent televisions (that is, the company's 4K models and select 1080p sets) will join a fortunate segment of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners in testing the company's PlayStation Now streaming game rental service.

Assuming you fit this criteria and live in the continental United States, this test should allow you to play a wide range of PlayStation 3 games using only your Internet-connected television and a DualShock 3 controller attached via USB. Of course, that's assuming you're willing to fork over the ridiculous amounts of money Sony is currently asking for PS Now game rentals. As we reported earlier this month, each short-term rental is priced between $3 and $20, which becomes a ludicrous offering when you realize that many of the PlayStation 3 games available via PS Now can be purchased at retail for the same amount. Sony claims that the current pricing scheme may be altered as the test rolls on, but you've been warned.

If your interest remains piqued, you can find a list of supported TV models beyond the jump thanks to our pals at Engadget. If you don't qualify, have no fear: Sony plans to launch an open beta test for PlayStation Now on July 31.

Engadget, quoting Sony, claims the following models of Bravia TVs will be eligible for the PlayStation Now beta test:

  • XBR-X950B series
  • XBR-X900B series
  • XBR-X800B series
  • KDL-W950B series
  • KDL-W850B series
  • KDL-W800B series
  • KDL-W700B series
  • KDL-W600B series

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