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MakerBot 3D printers now available in a dozen Home Depot stores


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The Home Depot's core business revolves around helping you craft things, so it stands to reason that you'd eventually find 3D printers there, doesn't it? Sure enough, that's what's happening today. You can now buy MakerBot's Replicator line at both the retailer's online store as well as a dozen brick-and-mortar locations spread across California, the greater Chicago area and New York City. In addition to hosting elaborate kiosks like the one you see here, shops will have staff on hand to both demonstrate 3D printing and give you keepsakes in hopes of clinching a sale down the road. It's tough to know if the Home Depot's gamble will pay off -- at last check, most people don't expect to find printers sitting alongside doorknobs and drill sets. If nothing else, it shows that the technology has a market outside of office supply stores and other places you might associate with run-of-the-mill 2D printing.

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