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Apple's anticipated wearable reportedly won't ship until 2015 (update: price claims)


With event invites floating around and a whopper of a structure apparently in the works, Apple seems intent on making sure September 9 is a doozy of a day. Alas, it seems like one of the most anticipated parts of the show won't actually hit our doorsteps for a while -- according to a new report from Re/code (who, you'll remember was right about the event's date way in advance), Apple's long-rumored wearable won't actually start shipping until some time next year. It's not exactly a surprise for Apple to put months between a device's unveiling its and first appearance on store shelves, but just think of how the already buzzy wearable space will shift and swell before then. After all, IFA will assuredly bring a slew of smartwatches and fitness trackers with it (we've already seen a few), and a better sense of what Apple is up to only means competitors will have more time to try and steal Cupertino's thunder. Will they succeed? That's a completely different story, but one thing seems clear -- the next few months are going to be a hell of a ride.

Update: The site adds that Apple is considering a price "around $400," and there will apparently be multiple models. That figure would definitely make Apple's wearable more expensive than existing smartwatches (which tend to cost between $150 to $300), although it also suggests that this device could be much, much more than a fitness tracker.

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