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Dorian Nakamoto is raising money to sue Newsweek


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March was a busy month for Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto -- Newsweek named him as the "face behind Bitcoin," a cryptocurrency the California resident claims to have only heard about a few weeks before the article's publication. Nakamoto hired a lawyer and issued a unconditional denial of allegations. Now it seems like that lawyer is about to go to work: Nakamoto has launched a legal defense fund to help pay for an impending lawsuit against Newsweek. The fund's URL and official Twitter account are bluntly named, and to the point: "NewsweekLied."

The Legal Defense Fund's webpage is pretty simple: just three pages containing background information on the article, a slight rewording of the statement Nakamoto provided back in March and a picture of Nakamoto himself, holding a sign that reads "Newsweek's article hurt my family." Even if Nakamoto really isn't the cryptocurrency's founder, it's being used to provide the man aid -- the fund requests that donations of $1,000 or more be contributed directly to a Bitcoin wallet, and the community has donated over $23,000 for his personal use. The site says that all funds will be used towards the Newsweek case, explaining that anything left over will be given directly to the unemployed engineer to help him cover his expenses.

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