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Leak gives a clearer look at Motorola's upcoming Droid Turbo


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So far, the pictures we've seen of Motorola's soon-to-launch Droid Turbo have been... incomplete. You won't have to wonder exactly what this Verizon-only smartphone looks like any longer, though. Evan Blass (@evleaks) has posted a press image (available through Verizon's web code) which provides a good look at the phone, including its frequently elusive front. In short, this is a hybrid between last year's Kevlar-laden Droid Maxx and the styling cues of 2014 Motorola flagships like the new Moto X and Nexus 6. The biggest upgrades over the Maxx are likely to be in the guts, such as the 21-megapixel camera, the rumored Quad HD screen and a speedy Snapdragon 805 chip. Whether or not the Turbo is as tough as it looks, you'll know the full story when the phone launches in nine days.

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