Your kids can drive this electric, Android-equipped 'sports car'

Don't look now, but your kids may end up owning a better car than you do. Henes recently unveiled the Broon F8 series, a child-sized electric "supercar" that has features you probably wish you had in your own ride. Never mind the independent suspension, differential steering and adjustable driving modes -- this vehicle has its own 7-inch Android tablet that serves as both the dashboard and infotainment control deck (yes, there's a sound system). Junior doesn't even have to drive at all, since there's a Bluetooth-based remote control that lets you take the virtual wheel in a pinch.

The Broon F8 will cost much more than your old Power Wheels kit, but it's relatively reasonable for something with so many creature comforts. You're looking at between $895 to $1,000 depending on the drivetrain. The real gotchas, as Wired notes, are the size and availability. The car is meant for kids five and under (even an eight year old can find it a tight fit), and it's still in the prototype stage. It'll be a while before your little tykes are impressing their kindergarten friends.