August Connect adds internet connectivity to its smart lock

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August Connect adds internet connectivity to its smart lock

August already has this smart lock thing down (at least in theory). When it works, August is as desirable as anything else on the market. But the company can't just sit still and wait for the rest of the industry to catch up. The August Connect aims to be a cheap and easy way to keep the company ahead of the curve. The small device connects to a power outlet near your Smart Lock and gets it connected to the internet through the power of WiFi. That means you can finally check the status of your lock remotely, "buzz-in" the plumber from your office, and get notifications about any little change. The Connect basically adds a bunch of features many say the August should have had from day one. But these remote-access options open up a whole bunch of questions about security and we think most would rather the company play it safe when it comes to the safety of their homes and belongings.

As part of the launch, August is also officially launching its API, which will allow partners to integrate with the SmartLock and Connect. Logitech Harmony, SmartThings and Nest are all on board, with others to be announced later. The Nest integration is especially interesting. The thermostat can turn on energy-saver mode when you lock the door and leave, but fire back up the AC or heat when you unlock the door upon returning home.

The August Connect is available for pre-order now for $50 and will ship in mid-February.

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