Netflix begins rolling out on TalkTalk YouView boxes

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Nick Summers
January 12th, 2015
Netflix begins rolling out on TalkTalk YouView boxes

You can access Netflix on pretty much anything these days, but until now TalkTalk's YouView boxes have been a notable exception. Thankfully, that particular omission has now been rectified, after the quad-play provider confirmed it'll be making the service available to its TV customers throughout the month. Netflix is already live on BT and retail YouView boxes and, last November, we were told the heavyweight streaming platform would make its way to TalkTalk's hardware "early in the new year." True to its word, the company is promising that all 1.2 million TalkTalk TV households will have access before January 30th -- just in time to binge-watch House of Cards before season three drops in February.

[Image Credit: Netflix]

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