Graffiti and satellites combine for a massive animated GIF

Look, it isn't easy making GIFs on the computer without the right applications, so it's giving us a headache thinking of the work that goes into each of these graffiti-turned-GIFs by an artist named INSA. Especially the one you see above, because the piece was so large, its pictures were taken by a couple of Pleiades satellites from space. To be exact, the satellites took the snapshots in orbit, 431 miles above the ground -- the ISS, in comparison, is orbiting the Earth at an altitude of around 268 miles. But first, let's go back to how INSA makes these GIFs. See, he doesn't manipulate pictures of his work on the computer to make these "Gif-itis" (that's not a disease, it's GIF + graffiti, get it?): he actually repaints the graffiti over and over, taking pictures of each iteration.

The Gif-iti above painted in Rio de Janeiro is made up of four layers and measures 57,515 square meters. It took him 4 days to finish prep work and the first layer, and 24 more hours per layer painted on top. From his interview with Mashable, it sounds like the work was commissioned by Ballantine's scotch whisky, and the pictures were captured by commercial satellites owned by Airbus, which can capture 100 square kilometer images at a resolution of one pixel per 50 square centimeters.

He preserves the entirety of his work online, as people on the street can only see the final layer painted on top. You can see INSA's Gif-itis on Tumblr or through his iOS app, and we also compiled some of 'em in the gallery above -- just be warned that they might trigger seizures

[Image credit: INSA's Gif-iti, Tumblr]