Daily Roundup: Apple outsells Samsung, Microsoft invests in Android and more!

Apple sold as many phones as Samsung did last quarter; Microsoft is investing in Android; and SkyMall might be saved. Head past the break to find all of today's top stories in the Daily Roundup.

Apple's now shipping as many smartphones as Samsung

A whole lot of phones were shipped last quarter. Samsung has stayed consistently alone at the top, selling the most mobile devices of any manufacturer. However, it sounds like that is starting to change. Apple reportedly sold 74.5 million devices during the last three months of 2014, which is also as many as Samsung sold.

Microsoft is reportedly investing in Cyanogen's custom Android mod

Is it possible that Microsoft is investing in Android? While details are scarce, the company is reportedly planning to become a minority investor in Cyanogen and may ultimately create a version that features Microsoft's services.

SkyMall's savior might be one of the products that it used to sell

All may not be lost for SkyMall, the catalog that has struggled to maintain relevance (and profitability) as airline passengers found other ways to entertain themselves. The CEO of Scottevest believes he knows what it will take to turn the company around.

Imgur now lets you easily make gorgeous GIFs from online videos

A new tool created by the image-hosting service Imgur allows anyone to easily make custom animated GIFs from internet video. The only downside is that the tool often outputs images in GIFV, a new looping-video format that isn't yet widely supported.

B-OUYA! Guess who just got a $10 million investment from Alibaba?

OUYA, the Kickstarter-funded, Android-powered, miniature game console has had trouble gaining traction in the United States. However, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba invested $10 million in the company last month in a bid to bring the device to a new market: China.

SYNEK's countertop draft system brings fresh beer home this summer

Last summer, SYNEK raised over $650,000 in Kickstarter contributions when it showed off its draft beer system for kitchen counters. The company announced that the final product is on the way this summer. If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, you can still snag one for $299.

'Super Smash Bros.' 8-player mode just got a whole lot better

Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U provided a lot of local multiplayer fun, allowing up to eight players at the same time. Sadly, it was limited to only a few stages of the game. However, Nintendo just pushed out an update that adds 15 more stages to the mix.