'Heavy Rain' creator's early cinematic game gets remastered

If you missed out on the cult classic Indigo Prophecy (("Fahrenheit" in Europe), the first stab at a pseudo-cinematic game from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, you've now got a good reason to give it a spin. A revamped version of the title has just landed on iOS and Steam (with support for Windows, Mac, and Linux) for $10, sporting better graphics and no censoring (nudity and sex scenes were cut from the original US import). While it's not the first game to combine a detective story with supernatural elements, Indigo Prophecy won plenty of praise for its mixture of interactive elements and movie-like style. That's something its director David Cage would later refine with Heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3 -- though the less said about his most recent title, Beyond: Two Souls, the better. An Android version of this shiny new version of Indigo Prophecy is in the works, but Aspyr Media, the developer handling the port, doesn't have a release date in mind yet.