Nest is losing both its tech VP and the CEO of Dropcam

Google's plan for a connected home including Nest and Dropcam lost a few family members today. Nest's Vice President of Technology Yoky Matsuoka and Dropcam cofounder Greg Duffy have left for other ventures, according to The Verge's sources. Matsuoka's joining Twitter while Duffy's next move isn't known at this point. Nest and Twitter, for their part, offered us an official "no comment" when we asked for confirmation of the departures. Matsuoka's Twitter profile looks relatively new, with her sole two follows being Alex Roettler and Dock Costolo -- Twitter's VP of engineering and its CEO, respectively.

Update (2/2): Yoky Matsuoka has also confirmed her departure -- appropriately in a tweet -- and that she will be the VP of Technology and Analytics at Twitter.

These departures will likely affect Mountain View's long-in-development household automation platform Android @ Home as well, but how isn't exactly clear just yet. From the looks of it, this adds to the story of a reorganization within that area -- like Nest cofounder Tony Faddel recently moving to lead the Google Glass team, for instance. The seemingly disparate services will likely continue to come together, just without Dropcam's leader.