'Battlebots' is coming back to TV this summer

That's right, Battlebots is coming back from its place in the early-00's vault for a six episode run on ABC this summer. In its original run the show featured "talent" like Sean Salisbury, Bil Dwyer, Bill Nye, Traci Bingham and Carmen Electra, but there's no word yet on who will be hosting this time around. The most important part of course should be the bots themselves, which will still be homemade but are promised to be "bigger, faster and stronger than ever before." It looks like the show is also taking some cues from last decade or so of reality TV (for better or worse), by delving into the design of each robot and the people who build them. The show last aired on Comedy Central in 2002, but developments like 3D-printing and the Maker movement are just a part of the progress we've seen since then. We're still months away from finding out if Battlebots has a place after its long hiatus, but until then you can check out some highlights and an oral history of the original series.

[Image credit: Associated Press]