A Vue cinema will become the UK's first eSports arena next month

True to its word, Gfinity will soon open the UK's first physical venue for eSports enthusiasts. The company has struck a deal with Vue to convert part of its Fulham Broadway cinema into the 'Gfinity Arena,' which will accommodate 600 spectators across three custom-built stages. While it's not an entirely new building, organisers hope it'll stand apart with a dedicated ticketing hall, entrances and confectionary stands. The doors are set to open next month and Gfinity has already scheduled 25 competitions up until September, covering games such as Halo, Call of Duty and Starcraft II. Renting space from Vue is obviously cheaper than building a stadium from scratch, but for Gfinity that's not the only perk. The pair say they'll be working together to promote future eSports events and will look at expanding the model into other Vue locations. So if this little experiment is successful, we might see a flurry of Gfinity venues cropping up around the country.

[Image Credit: Gfinity]