Geeksphone's wearable tracks sexual performance, other boring stuff

Geeksphone, the company behind a dual-OS handset and the ultra-secure Blackphone, is trying its hand at wearables. The upcoming Geeksme band appears to be rather smartwatch-esque with a circular OLED display framed by 12 bi-color LEDs, tracking steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. It'll also wrangle calls, messages and reminders on your wrist. How does Geeksme hope to stand out? It tracks sexual performance and monitors "progress" in the bedroom. The device keeps tabs on your "ecological footprint" as well, so you're always informed about how your habits impact the environment. Unfortunately, the company isn't showing off the hardware just yet, and details (like how it monitors bedroom activity) are scarce, but it's planning to launch later this year. You can rest assured we're on the hunt for more details -- perhaps at this month's Mobile World Congress.

[Lead image credit: jupiterimages]